jugs with ice insert / strainer

The jugs with ice insert and strainer from the SIMAX brand are the ideal companion throughout the year. Filled with ice cubes, the practical ice insert keeps drinks cool longer in summer. The plastic lid protects your drinks from external influences and at the same time the ice cubes remain in the jug when pouring, for carefree enjoyment. And in the cold season, tea and other hot drinks can be perfectly prepared and served with the strainer, while the tea leaves remain in the strainer when pouring out. Thanks to the clear design and timeless shape, these jugs are suitable for every occasion and the coloured plastic lids bring beautiful highlights.

Krüge mit Sieb und Eiseinsatz
Krüge mit Eiseinsatz

borosilicate glass


  • jug ~ 2,5 ltr

  • jug ~ 250 mm


  • available with plastic lid, plastic ice insert and plastic strainer
  • available with plastic lid and plastic ice insert

colors plastic lid:

  • black, green, orange


  • banderole
Krug Cylinder

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