Technical Information    

SIMAX glass, by its chemical composition and properties, ranges in the group of clear, hard borosilicate glasses 3.3., characterised with high heat and chemical stability, specified by international standard ISO 3585. It entirely meets the demands as set out in the said standards. 

Owing to its properties, SIMAX glass ist used in such areas where the highest demands are made on products from a viewpoint of heat and chemical stability as well as neutrality to substances or preparations contacting them, e.g. in chemistry, petro-chemistry. food, power supply, metallurgy, health service, microbiology, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering and laboratories.

SIMAX glass matches the demanding environmetal requirements and it is absolutely unexceptionable from an ecological viewpoint. The company's entire production is produced under a quality system and is certified under EN ISO 9001:2000 TÜV CERT.

laboratory glassware
industrial apparatus