About us


Who we are and what we do…

Bohemia Cristal, based in Selb, was founded in 1975 as a trading company, and is now one of the leading trading companies for glassware in Europe.

To enable us to offer our customers the best quality, we are based in Selb but work closely with many Czech glassworks, especially our sister company Kavalierglass, as well as other glass producers from around the world. These partnerships and their state-of-the-art production facilities allow us to offer a range of products to our customers and trading partners, products which range from traditional to modern, and which have incomparable versatility.

As well as the range of hand-blown and mechanically produced glassware such as drinking glasses and gift items made from crystal and soda-lime glass, the Bohemia Cristal product range also includes the important area of heat-resistant borosilicate glass under the SIMAX brand.


The Czech company Kavalierglass, which is part of the company group, operates under the brand SIMAX and doesn’t merely produce pressed and blown heat-resistant household glass such as casserole dishes, cake moulds, glass pitchers, teacups and much more – it also has a vast range of laboratory, tubular and technical class for chemistry, pharmacy and the mechanical engineering industry, among others.

For information, visit:  www.kavalier.cz.

In terms of our project business, Bohemia Cristal has been a professional and recognised partner for many years. As well as a vast range of goods and their procurement, we also offer our customers customer-specific packaging and the right marketing concepts to match.


What we have to offer....

Our vast product range includes glass ideas for every occasion. Glass is very multi-faceted, and you can find top quality glassware for all areas of life with us, whether for daily use or special occasions.

Our drinking glass sets and gift items are produced on highly modern, automated production lines, yet you will also find special hand-blown items in our range. The heat-resistant cookware and ovenware are topped off with versatile items to stock up on, and the heat-resistant borosilicate glass is the answer to all your needs relating to tea, coffee and hot drinks, as well as laboratory and technical glass.

Our BOHEMIA Selection brand philosophy has something special to offer to everyone. For example, the glasses decorated with pantography with very intricate designs are excellently suited to unique celebrations and an elegantly laid table. Pantography is an old glassmaking art which is incorporated into the glass in a special process. BOHEMIA Selection also includes coloured, decorated items, for example, in the packaging design “Bar Selection”, other attractive themes are “Tea & Coffee” and “Baking bread & more”. The range is topped off with gift items and decoration collections made from crystal and soda-lime glass.

In our product range, we focus strongly on SIMAX and SIMAX exclusive brand products. These are produced from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and the range includes various cooking and household products such as casserole dishes or measuring cups and storage glasses, as well as baking moulds and exclusive tea and coffee sets with pots or coffee makers. Simax borosilicate glass has been around for more than 175 years, it has an unrivalled hardness grade and the greatest level of resistance to heat and cold. The products are therefore perfectly coordinated with each other in terms of form and function, and guarantee the best level of hygiene when used for culinary purposes.

We’d love to show you....

At our 300 m² showroom in Selb, we’d love to show you our vast range of heat-resistant household glass, modern and traditional drinking glass sets and gift items, as well as a selection of laboratory and technical glass. You can also find out about current packaging lines directly on site.

Bohemia Selection
Technisches Glas

This is our strength....

Things often have to move quickly, which is why we have more than 25,000 m2 of warehouse space directly at our company headquarters. This means that we always have adequate stock of our products and can guarantee fast delivery availability for our customers.

The large warehouse also allows us to be very flexible when responding to individual customer wishes, making us a reliable partner in this regard as well.