ecological / economic sustainability

As a supplier with focus on household glass we see given by the nature of the marketed products through us per se a significant contribution to sustainability. 

We rely on durable items for the well-laid table, kitchen and decoration, which are in competition to products made of plastic or even disposable tableware.

When selecting our producers, we set clear priorities on the European site. Through this we contribute in a global comparison among our part to the shortest possible distance between manufactures, retailers and consumers.

Hereby all of our organized transports are based on optimal utilization of the loading capacity to keep accumulating emissions "per item" in addition low.

Our producers mainly process raw materials from each reginal sources. Especially, in the glass manufacturing recycling is already within the production processes a fixed size. Compliance with all applicable environmental regulations is continually monitored and improved.

The packaging materials used by us and our producers are seen next to the required article protective properties especially from the point of renewable raw materials (cardboard/paper). Furthermore, we renounce entirely even taking into account the specifications of our customers on the use of plastics on our PoS-sales packaging.

social sustainability

Since the beginning of time the company Bohemia Cristal depends on staff with many years of service with the company and regional bond. Also in the past and partly "turbulent" years in our industry, we have declared and implemented to secure of jobs to one of the most important goals. Furthermore the basis of our business, aligned at both supplier and customer side, always on longevity amd reliability.

Amfori BSCI

Just like our customers, we want to be certain thet the products offered by Bohemia Cristal, Selb will be produced under human conditionns which regarding their rights. Therefore Bohemia Cristal became since 1st January, 2010 a member of the BSCI, in order to take over responsibility and to be active at the implementation of minimum standards.

It is important for Bohemia Cristal, that all producers will keep ethical and fair business practice and commit themselves to observe the laws. The implementation depends also on a good cooperation of our producers within Europe and overseas.

Bohemia Cristal, Selb is concentrating to follow the code of conduct and this is also expected from our producers and their subcontractors. Code of conduct Amfori BSCI

Amfori, with headquarter in Brussels, is the leading global business association for open an sustainable trade. The association support retailer, importers, brands and national associations to enhance human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly and drive open trade globally. Their members they offer a practical framework and world-class tools that enable them to manage the social end environmental performance of their supply chains and anticipate trends. Amfori call this Trade with Purpose. The system is regulated by the Amfori Code of Conduct. More information about the Amfori is available under:

general view

Both we as a medium sized trading company as well as our producers from the European glass industry had to survive a strong change in the past few years. The aspirations for a "sustainable action" were hereby rarely the result of a conceptional strategy, but mostly the "positive side effect" of many individual measures, that had to be implemented primarily for an economic "viability".

Of course we will continue to provide in conjunction with our suppliers, and even more in future the sustainability objectives in the focus of our activities.