Naturalness in perfection! The Chalet glass collection and carafe conveyed perfectly the carefree feeling associated with life in the countryside. The simple design of both the short-stemmed glasses and the tumblers as well as the practical carafe with cork stopper places an emphasis on naturalness. In the clear version or elegantly decorated with pantography, the glasses and the clear carafe can be perfectly integrated on any table. And the carafe is also perfect for dressing up garden tables for celebrations.

Chalet bricks
Chalet ornaments
Karaffe Chalet

crystal glass, clear or decorated with pantography


  • wine glass ~ 350 ml
  • wine glass ~ 290 ml
  • champagne flute ~ 200 ml
  • whisky tumbler ~ 330 ml
  • longdrink tumbler ~ 400 ml
  • carafe with cork stopper ~ 850 ml

packaging: gift box