storage glass jars with lid 'Click & Tight'

Indispensable for the kitchen: The practical storage glass jars made of high-quality, heat-resistant SIMAX borosilicate glass with plastic lid Click & Tight are perfect for the space-saving, sustainable and hygienic storage of food. Awarded with all the quality features for the kitchen and table, the storage dishes convince with their high functionality and easy handling in the allday use. Due to the  nature of the glass, the glass jars do not absorb odors and do nor discolour. Thanks to the practical lid closure 'Click & Tight' with 4-fold click system and the silicone sealing ring, both airtight and aroma-tight as well as leakproof storage in the fridge, freezer or kitchen cupboard is possible, for even longer freshness. And also reheating food in the microwave is without the lid no problem. In addition, the glass jars without lid can also be used in the oven as baking dish.

They just belong in every kitchen.

Glasbehälter Click&Tight
Vorratsdosen klar
Vorratsdosen orange
Vorratsdosen grün
Vorratsdosen smoke

borosilicate glass, with lid click & tight


  • storage jar ~ 0,50 ltr

  • storage jar ~ 0,85 ltr

  • storage jar ~ 0,90 ltr

  • storage jar ~ 1,35 ltr


  • industrial carton
  • storage jars incl. lid with label

product information:

  • only glass items suitable for use in an oven

  • suitable for use in a microwave oven with open lid

  • suitable for cold storage

  • suitable for use in a freezer

  • suitabel for use in a dishwasher 

  • use and care instructions