storage glass jars with lid click & tight

Storage glass jars are particularly suitable for freezing supplies or keeping them fresh in the refrigerator. These are hygienic and easy to clean and the contents always stay fresh. With the lids, the storage glass jars are perfect for both transporting and storing food. The storage glass jar can also be used in the oven or microwave without the lid, so you can use them to heat up food that has been prepared and they are ideal for use as a casserole or cake tin in the oven. With the lid on, the containers can be stacked in the fridge and freezer to save space. The click & tight lid closure ensures leak-proof storage thanks to its 4-fold click system and the silicone sealing ring. Another advantage of the glass is that the material does not absorb odors and does not discolour.

Vorratsdosen klar
Vorratsdosen klar
Vorratsdosen orange
Vorratsdosen grün
Vorratsdosen smoke

borosilicate glass, with lid click & tight


  • glass storage  ~ 0,50 ltr

  • glass storage  ~ 0,85 ltr

  • glass storage  ~ 0,90 ltr

  • glass storage  ~ 1,35 ltr


  • industrial carton
  • storage glass jars incl. lid with label

product information:

  • only glass items suitable for use in an oven

  • suitable for use in a microwave oven with open lid

  • suitable for cold storage

  • suitable for use in a freezer

  • suitabel for use in a dishwasher 

  • use and care instructions