storage bottles

Indispensable for the kitchen: The practical storage bottles made of glass with glass stopper are perfect for the space-saving  and hygienic storage of dry food. Flour, sugar, spices, pasta and rice, coffee or muesli and much more can be stored sustainably and plastic-free. Thanks to the practical glass stopper everything is closed aroma-tight for even longer freshness. The storage bottles just belong in every kitchen.

Vorratsflaschen klar
Vorratsflaschen braun

glass, with aroma-tight seal


  • storage bottle ~ 0,05 ltr

  • storage bottle ~ 0,10 ltr

  • storage bottle ~ 0,25 ltr

  • storage bottle ~ 0,50 ltr

  • storage bottle ~ 1,00 ltr


  • clear
  • brown


  • industrial carton

product information:

  • suitable for cold storage
  • suitable for use in a dishwasher