glass storage tins with plastic lid

Indispensable for the kitchen: The practical glass storage tins made of high-quality, heat-resistant SIMAX borosilicate glass with plastic lids are perfect for the space-saving, sustainable and hygienic storage of dry food. Flour, sugar, spices and herbs to pasta, rice, muesli, tea and coffee and much more can be storaged aroma and airtight thanks to the practical plastic lid, for even longer freshness. Awarded with all the quality features for the kitchen and table, the glass storage tins convince with their high functionality and easy handling in the allday use. The glass storage tins can be perfectly integrated in every kitchen with their crystal-clear Design and the coloured variation of the plastic lid also set special accents.

Vorratsdosen klar
Vorratsdosen klar

borosilicate glass, with plastic lid


  • glass storage tin ~ 2,00 ltr

  • glass storage tin ~ 1,50 ltr

  • glass storage tin ~ 0,90 ltr

  • glass storage tin ~ 0,40 ltr

colors plastic lid:

  • smoke
  • clear


  • industrial carton
  • glass storage tin with clear plastic lid with inlay
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