roasting and baking dishes with lid

The clear cookware from the SIMAX exclusive brand with Smart Touch is awarded with all quality features for the kitchen and table and convince by the stylish curved design, that creates the Milanese Designer Christian Hartmann. Thanks to the pleasant shape with integrated handles the roasting and baking dishes can be perfectly presented on any well-laid table and go perfectly with every type of tableware and drinking glasses. They are suitable for cooking, roasting and baking as well as for storing and serving food. And thanks to the special nature of the borosilicate glass, the dishes can be transferred directly from the oven onto the table, and then stored in the fridge. The SIMAX exclusive products guarantee highest hygienic use of food for health-conscious preparation and practical storage of food.

Brat- und Backschalen rund/oval mit Deckel
Brat- und Backschalen eckig mit Deckel

borosilicate glass, with glass lid and/or plastic lid


  • round baking dish ~ 1,50 ltr with glass lid

  • round baking dish ~ 2,50 ltr with glass lid

  • oval baking dish ~ 2,50 ltr with glass lid

  • rectangular roaster ~ 2,50 ltr with glass lid and plastic lid

  • rectangular roaster ~ 3,50 ltr with plastic lid


  • paper sleeve
Manschettenverpackung Brat- und Backschale oval

product information:

  • only glass items suitable for use in an oven
  • only glass items suitable for use in a microwave oven
  • suitable for cold storage
  • only glass items suitable for use in a freezer
  • suitable for use in a dishwasher 
  • use and care instructions