bowls and cabarets Fenice

The plates and cabarets Fenice are perfect companions for incomparable presentations. The oval plates and cabarets present sweet or savory snacks, side dishes, fruits and pastries in an original way and are therefore a absolute eye-catcher. Thanks to their clear design, they can be perfectly  presented on every well-laid table and go perfectly with any type of tableware and drinking glasses.

Platten Fenice
Kabaretts Fenice



  • plate oval Fenice* ~ 300x95x34 mm
  • plate oval Fenice* ~ 410x115x34 mm
  • plate oval Fenice* ~ 500x160x34 mm
  • 4-part cabaret Fenice ~ 250x250x34 mm


    3-part cabaret Fenice ~ 410x115x34 mm


  • 1 pc resp. *2 pcs in an industrial carton