teapot micro

The teapot Matura micro made of high-quality SIMAX borosilicate glass with a plastic lid and strainer offers the perfect basis for tea. The removable plastic strainer ensures a quick and easy preparation: put loose tea or tea leaves in the strainer, place the glass or plastic strainer in the glass pot, pour hot water over it and close with the glass lid. The lid keeps the warmth in the pot during the brewing time for aromatic and relaxed enjoyment. So you can serve perfectly the finest aromatic tea as well as any other hot drinks first-class with the teapot micro.

Mikrokanne Matura
Mikrokanne Matura

borosilicate glass, with plastic lid and strainer 


  • teapot Matura micro ~ 1,25 ltr


  • paper sleeve

product information:

  • suitable for cold storage
  • suitable for use in a dishwasher
  • suitable for use in a microwave oven 
  • suitable for use on a gas range with a flame diffuser
  • suitable for use on an electric plate
  • use and care instructions