Tea and coffee are a popular companion throughout the day for many years. For all tea and coffee trends the collection 'Tea and Coffee' has the perfect glass for finest pleasure. The coffeemaker with scale made of heat-resistant glass offers the perfect basis for the finest coffee enjoyment and brings the best aroma out of your coffee. Simply fill in coarsely ground coffee powder and hot water, wait a few minutes and then slowly press the plunger down and you're done. With this stylish coffeemaker you can prepare the finest aromatic coffee for relaxed enjoyment. Thanks to the stylishly modern design the coffeemaker can be perfectly integrated on any well-laid table and the fine content is already visually a pleasure.  

Glaskannen Matura

borosilicate glass, with plastic lid and stainless steel filter press as well as scale


  • coffeemaker ~ 1,00 ltr

  • coffeemaker ~ 180 mm


  • gift box

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