round baking dish with lid

Baking bread is the in-thing! There are around 3.200 different types of bread in bakeries. And the diversity and creativity grows through countless books, special websites and blogs with an affinity for baking. The suitable baking dishes made of heat-resistant glass of the SIMAX brand are the perfect basics for this trend. Especially the round baking dishes with lid are very suitable for a wide variety of pot bread: crispy on the outside, airy on the inside. The heat can circulate consistently in the dish and thus offers the ideal baking climate. The baking dish sizes are suitable for all common bread recipes but also for cakes, your favourite sweet pastries and much more. You can download ideas for baking in our recipe-booklet.

Backformen rund mit Deckel
Backform rund mit Deckel

borosilicate glass, with glass lid


  • round glass baking dish ~ 1,40 ltr

  • round glass baking dish ~ 2,50 ltr


  • gift box

product information:

  • suitable for use in an oven
  • suitable for use in a microwave oven
  • suitable for cold storage
  • suitable for use in a freezer
  • suitable for use in a dishwasher
  • use and care instructions