whisky tumbler

Both the pure enjoyment of whisky and the refreshing enjoyment of longdrinks have their advantages. Served in the classy whisky and longdrink tumblers from the exclusive BAR Selection collection with some ice cubes it reveals a fantastic world of special flavors. The elegant design of the glasses in interaction with the individual optics, in distinctive, differentiated shapes, creates a unique interaction of light and color. So gold-colored whisky, color-intensive longdrinks or other drinks will become a visual highlight.

Whiskybecher Denver

crystal glass


  • whisky tumbler Dallas ~ 300 ml
  • longdrink tumbler Dallas ~ 390 ml
  • whisky tumbler Alice ~ 300 ml

  • longdrink tumbler Alice ~ 330 ml

  • whisky tumbler Barline ~ 280 ml

  • whisky tumbler Denver ~ 280 ml

  • longdrink tumbler Denver ~ 300 ml


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