coffee/tea glasses

Tea and coffee are a popular companion throughout the day for many years. For all tea and coffee trends the collection 'Tea and Coffee' has the perfect glass for finest pleasure. The coffee/tea glasses made of heat-resistant glass can be perfectly integrated on any well-laid table with their clear, perfectly shaped glass design and aromatic tea, coffee or cappuccino can be served in style. With their height, the cups also fit easily under any coffee machine or automatic coffee machine. Glass tableware perfect for lovers of cultivated tea and coffee enjoyment.

Kaffee-/Teeglas zylindrisch
Kaffee-/Teeglas konisch
Kaffee-/Teeglas Charme

borosilicate glass


  • coffee/tea glass cylindrical ~ 300 ml

  • coffee/tea glass conical ~ 200 ml

  • coffee/tea glass Charme ~ 230 ml



  • 2 pc in a gift box

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